Lou Piccinetti 

29 years teaching experience Beginner through Advanced


Lou began playing guitar at 12 years old and in high school began to play professionally. In 1990, he was hired to be the General Manager of F Sharp Music in Coral Springs and a year later became their head teacher. Lou opened A Major Music/ Coral Springs Music in 1996 and in 1997 started the Floyd Experience, a Pink Floyd tribute band. A Major Music/ Coral Springs Music was open for 20 years and was a staple in the community, offering a safe place for children to learn and grow while surrounded in a family oriented atmosphere. Lou’s teaching methods are a combination of theory and performance. Students learn about music while playing and learning the songs they enjoy. Lou teaches beginning to advanced, scale and chord theory, improvisation, technique, ear training and of course live performance training. Lou has been running a Youth Rock Band since 2007, promoting friendship and musical interest and a strong work ethic in young musicians. Lou can teach: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Bass Guitar as well as most Styles and Genres






Diane E. Korzen

A.k.a. “Diane the Piano Teacher”

Diane has taught beginning, intermediate and advanced piano at Markee Studios since 2014. She has worked with students of all ages -- children, teens, and young adults -- on learning to read piano music, Classical techniques and artistry, learning to play from a rock chord chart, and mastering a few jazz tunes. Mentors students and encourages them to find their own voice on the piano.​


Larry Kessler

30 years teaching experience: Beginner through Advanced

  • 3rd generation piano instructor

  • Began playing piano at age 3 with over 35 years performance and recording experience.

  • Studied Jazz piano and advanced theory under recording artist Wally Cirillo late 1970’s.

  • Classically trained under Victor De Deigo out of the University of Miami.

  • Studio session player recording credits on RCA, BMG, and several independent labels.

  • Excellent sense of counterpoint, fingering, improvisation, theory and reading techniques.

  • Actively performing with 49 Ford, Wild Eyed Cats, Forever After More and YOLO.




Nathalie Nesh


Singer/Songwriter and Vocal Coach Nathalie Bretoneche (Nathalie Nesh) was born in Sweden. 

Having a Swedish mother and a Peruvian father, plus growing up in Spain, truly made Nathalie an artist with a very diverse musical influence. She started her musical education at an early age, and focused on training with World Renowned Vocal Coaches when she arrived to the United States. Her teachers had Alicia Keys, Shakira, Ricky Martin, etc as clients, she trained intensely with them for years, both in Miami and New York.  She also lived in Lima, Peru for a couple of years, where her Vocal Coaching Career was very successful and gave her the opportunity to teach Workshops, Church Choirs as well as private lessons. Nathalie has many years of experience Performing in different International Stages, has recorded music for T.V shows, Radio Jingles, coached artists on entire Albums as well as worked as a Vocal Producer and Background Singer in the Studio. At the moment, she is the Founder of South Florida’s XUberance Band performing constantly and is currently recording her Original Project called “Emersion”.


Nathalie’s teaches “Speech Level Singing” Technique, which teaches her students to sing just the way they speak, comfortably and naturally. Getting rid of imitations. Her approach is very unique, since it focuses on releasing blockages created by fears and insecurities in order to open up the voice. Her classes help her students understand the “Psychology of Singing” and connect with their Inner Child, which helps them stay in the moment, connected to their feelings instead of their mind. Singing turns to enjoyment instead of over-thinking, re-programming thoughts from negative to positive and loving ones. Students also learn about Body language, Stage Presence, Public Speaking, etc Classes are fun and results happen in the very first class.






          I started my drumming experience when I was 9 years old on my first drum set with my older brother on the guitar.  The song was, “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.  I continued my music career in and through middle school in multiple facets of drumming and percussion.  That included concert percussion and jazz ensembles that performed live on many occasions during the school year. 


          Once I began High School, I participated in all areas of music which included marching band, Jazz Ensemble, and Symphonic Orchestra which all competed on a National Level.  I played my part in learning everything from percussion instruments and accessory percussion.  During Marching Season, I became proficient on multiple instruments within the Drum Battery Section.


          After my graduation from High School, I joined a local Drum and Bugle Corps called the Florida Wave and marched during the summer on snare drum while touring around the US performing in a total of 50 or so competitions.  I performed with this organization for two years while teaching marching percussion to various High Schools in the South Florida area.  This experience propelled my Drumming to a professional level.


          Throughout my college education, I took numerous music classes to refine my skills in order to apply them to instruction.  I have also performed on drums in a variety of professional groups in a myriad of musical genres that all performed professionally.


  I have been teaching on a beginner to professional level for 32 years now, and will continue to do so.  I have been instructing at the studio for two years now and look forward to future Drummers that I may excel to their full potential.



Keith Ridenour

Keith has written hundreds of songs in the pop, rock and country genres while living in Nashville and his songs are placed on records by Kansas, Heartland, Nathan Lee Jackson, Dirty Dancing, and the Food Fight Movie to name a few. 


Keith has had the opportunity to write with many great writers including Bud Tower, Monty Holmes, Walt Aldridge, Anthony Little, Richie Supa, T.W. Hale, Kris Bergsness, Nathan Jackson, John Lemonis, Angie Thompson, Dennis Blischak, Doug Shawe, Scott Avery, Dean Madonia, Michel Dukes, Jenny Brooks, J.D. Danner, Roxanne Lamendola and Michael Garvin. 

Along with his great success in the songwriting world, Keith is a business man. He, along with Derek Assaf, owns Ridenour Rehearsal Studios in Murfreesboro, TN and Markee Music in Deerfield Beach, FL. Keith is also the co-founder of RedOne Music Group!

You can check out a lot of Keith's songs by going to keith@redonemusicgroup.com.




Marko Ruffio

Marko Ruffolo has been an Independent Recording Engineer and Producer for over 30 Years.


Although Rock (Classic, AOR, Punk, Metal, HardCore, Metal-Core) is his preferred Genre, Marko’s main body of work has been in Jazz, Smooth-Jazz, and Pop-Latin.


In addition to being creative behind the board, Marko enjoys playing Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, and Programming on the various artists whose Projects he has worked on. He also plays Bass (and at times Guitar) for the San Isidro Anglo Music-Ministry.


Marko has the first published Pro Tools course called Pro Tools Up-N-Running.

Jason Sedawie


Jason is a South Florida based Recording & Mixing Engineer, and Producer.  Born in Fort Lauderdale, Jason began his music career as a guitarist with a few local bands but was always interested in music production.  

Jason’s passion for recording and mixing music began in 1994 when he purchased a used 4-track recorder from a local pawn shop.  He quickly started working with local bands and fellow musicians providing them inexpensive demos out of his garage.  In 1996 he upgraded to a Fostex R8 1/4” reel-to-reel to further his endeavors and later embraced the digital workflow ushered in by the early days of the DAW.

Jason studied Music Performance at Florida State University College of Music for 2 years before transferring to the School of Music at Loyola University In New Orleans, changing his major to Composition & Theory, but throughout his studies continued to record local bands, music students, and independent artists.  During his time in New Orleans Jason was also doing live sound mixing at a handful of clubs including Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse off Bourbon Street.


Jason has since been recording & mixing in the professional space for over 10 years. He has embraced a modern workflow that incorporates the best analogue gear alongside the latest digital soft synths and plugins and prides himself on working quickly and efficiently.

A lifelong musician himself, Jason truly understands the relationship an Artist has with their music.  That's why he continually goes the extra mile to ensure that every client's project, large or small, is handled with unmitigated care and dedication.