Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made 24 hrs in advance. If canceled within 24 hrs there is no charge. Otherwise cancellations/no shows are at full rehearsal/lesson price. Fees must be paid prior to next booking.

Studio A-F


Per Hour…….$26

Lock out (24 hours)…..$260 per day


Markee Room

Performance Rm….$38 per hr
Lock out………………......$360 per day


*For Bands of 7 or more there is a $15 set up fee*

*For "Parties" in the Markee Room a $35 Cleaning Fee


Drummers: Sets are all 5 piece kits.

Cymbals and bass pedal rentals are $20 per session.

Solo drummers: Studios A-F are $17.50 from open to 6pm*

*Does not include cymbals or kick pedal

Gear does move around and we’re always upgrading. If you want a specific room, no problem. Just ask for that room when you book (be sure to confirm the gear you want is in that room).