Keith Ridenour and Derek Assaf are the new owners of Markee! We have both been here at Markee since the facility’s inception in 2010! Our vision for Markee is to provide a world class facility that offers the absolute best service, the best gear, and the best atmosphere to musicians and bands that need and deserve rehearsal and recording space unlike any they’ve ever experienced!


Keith is a songwriter, guitarist and producer, and Derek is a bass player and engineer! Here at Markee, everyone who walks through the door will always be treated like a ROCK STAR!!


We have an amazing crew, who will always greet you with a smile and give you the best service possible to make your experience a great one!


Since opening in 20011 Markee has become the premier rehearsal, recording and lesson facility in South Florida! With rave reviews from our customers, Markee draws over 15,000 musicians annually through it’s doors, and that in our minds in just the beginning!


We  are looking forward seeing each and everyone of you here at Markee to make music!


Keith & Derek


We offer 6 fully equipped state of the art rehearsal studios. Our space is ideal for any musician from the beginner to the professional. Whether you need to rehearse your band, or just need a writers room, we’ve got you covered!  Each room is 18’ x 18’ and has 2 guitar amps, bass rig, keyboard amp, 5 piece drum kit on a riser, a 12 channel mixer with 2 flying speakers and 2 floor monitor, and 4 mics with stands and cables.

We also have a performance room (The Markee Room) that is 32’ x 26’ complete with amps, a 20 channel Peavey board, 3 powered floor monitors and a DW Classic drum kit with cymbals and a kick pedal.

Our rehearsal studios are available 7 days a week and Markee’s technical personnel are always available to assist you with anything you need during your stay with us.