Marko Ruffolo has been an Independent Recording Engineer and Producer for over 30 Years.


Although Rock (Classic, AOR, Punk, Metal, HardCore, Metal-Core) is his preferred Genre, Marko’s main body of work has been in Jazz, Smooth-Jazz, and Pop-Latin.


In addition to being creative behind the board, Marko enjoys playing Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, and Programming on the various artists whose Projects he has worked on. He also plays Bass (and at times Guitar) for the San Isidro Anglo Music-Ministry.


Marko has the first published Pro Tools course called Pro Tools Up-N-Running.


Here are a few of the projects that Marko has worked on over the years.



Jason is a South Florida based Recording & Mixing Engineer, and Producer.  Born in Fort Lauderdale, Jason began his music career as a guitarist with a few local bands but was always interested in music production.  

Jason’s passion for recording and mixing music began in 1994 when he purchased a used 4-track recorder from a local pawn shop.  He quickly started working with local bands and fellow musicians providing them inexpensive demos out of his garage.  In 1996 he upgraded to a Fostex R8 1/4” reel-to-reel to further his endeavors and later embraced the digital workflow ushered in by the early days of the DAW.

Jason studied Music Performance at Florida State University College of Music for 2 years before transferring to the School of Music at Loyola University In New Orleans, changing his major to Composition & Theory, but throughout his studies continued to record local bands, music students, and independent artists.  During his time in New Orleans Jason was also doing live sound mixing at a handful of clubs including Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse off Bourbon Street.


Jason has since been recording & mixing in the professional space for over 10 years. He has embraced a modern workflow that incorporates the best analogue gear alongside the latest digital soft synths and plugins and prides himself on working quickly and efficiently.

A lifelong musician himself, Jason truly understands the relationship an Artist has with their music.  That's why he continually goes the extra mile to ensure that every client's project, large or small, is handled with unmitigated care and dedication.