Pro Tools Ultimate 2021:

Includes HDx Card, Avid 192s- 40Ins/16Outs.

Burl B2 2CH AD/DA

Pro Tools 10HD :

Includes up to 6 HD Cards, Avid 192s- 40Ins/16Outs.

Burl B2 2CH AD/DA

Logic X



32 Channel D-Control ES, with XMON

Control Room Monitors

Genelec 1032s

Genelec 8040a

Yamaha NS-10s (powered by Hafler P3000)


Hearback 8 Channel CUE System

Sennheiser HD280

Vic Firth Drummies

Mics (Vocal)

Neumann U87

Advanced Audio CM12se Tube

Shure SM7

Joe Meek JM-37 FET

Audio Technica AT4033

Shure KSM44

Shure KSM32

Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Mic

     (By request. Extra Fee)

Microtech Gefell UMT800

     (By request. Extra Fee)

Mics (Instrument)

Advanced Audio CM414 FET

Royer R-121 Ribbon

Neumann KM184 (2)

Peluso CEMC-6 (Pair)

Shure SM91

AKG D112 (3)

Shure Beta52

Shure SM57 (10)

Shure Majik Mic (Can’t talk about it)

Shure Beta57

Sennheiser MD421 (5)

Shure SM98 (2)

Shure KSM-141

Shure SM81

Rode NT5

Audio Technca ATM33a (2)

Shure Beta87a 

Shure Beta87c

Audix i5 (6)

Audix D2 (4)

Shure SM56 (2)


Waves SSL

Slate Digital All Access Bundle

Universal Audio Ultimate Bundle

Soundtoys 4 Ultimate Bundle

McDSP Classic Bundle

AutoTune 8

Melodyne 4

VocALIgn pro



Steven Slate Drum Trigger

Softube CL-1B

Softube MAAG EQ4

Waves Mercury (By request)

McDSP Everything Bundle (By Request, Extra Fee)


Custom Whirlwind 4 Ch. DI Snake

Whirlwind IMP2 DI (6)

Rapco Passive DI (2)

Ebtech DI (2)

Earthworks Kickpad KP1

Cloudlifter  CL-1

Whirlwind SP1X2 Splitter (2)

Whirlwind SP1X2 Splitter (3)

Redco 96Point TT (2)


Focusrite ISA 110 (2)

Focusrite ISA 828 8 Channel (2)

Vintech 4Ch.  473

Warm Audio WA-273 Neve 1073 Style (2)

Millennia STT-1

Avalon VT-737

UA Solo-610

ART Stereo Tube MP (Telefunken Tube Mod)

ART Stereo Tube MP (Mullard Tube Mod)

Focusrite TrakMaster Pro (2)

Black Lyon 2 CH. Auteurs (2)

Presonus DigiMax D8 8 Ch.


Urei LA4A Compressor/Limiter (2)

Black Lion Bluey 1176-Style 

     FET Limiting Amplifier (Chris Lord-Alge) 

Stam Audio SA4000

     SSL-Style Buss Compressor

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 Compressor

Empirical Labs Fatso EL7x 

     Full Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer

Warm Audio WA-2A Opto-Style Compressor

dbx 160x Compressor

dbx 163x Compressor (2)

dbx 166a Compressor

Valley People Dyna-mite (Stereo Limiter/Gate)
SPL TD-2 2Ch. Transient Designer (Original)

Aural Exciter 2Ch. (Type C)

Focusrite 2Ch. RED2 EQ (by Request)


Lexicon MPX1

Lexicon Alex




Guitar Amps:

Marshall JCM 800 50 Watt Guitar Head

Marshall 1960 Slant 4x12 Guitar Cabinet

Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 / 60 Watt Combo 

Orange Dual Terror Guitar Head

Orange 2x12 Guitar Cabinet


Bass Amp:

Ampeg Pro SVT3 1200 Watt Bass Head

Ampeg 4x10 Top Cabinet

Ampeg 4x10 Bottom Cabinet

Keyboard Amp:

Roland KC-550 180 Watt Keyboard Amp



DW Design Series Black

22” Bass, 10” 12” 16” & 18” Toms, 14” Snare

4 Cymbal StandS & Hi Hat Stand

DW 8000 Kick Pedal

1 Pair Of Hi Hats, 3 Crash Cymbals, 1 Ride Cymbal

Roc & Soc Throne


Guitar Amps (By Request):


Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Marshall JCM2000

Marshall TSL (Extra Fee)

Mesa Boogie Son-of-Boogie (Extra Fee)

Orange Crush 35RT (Extra Fee)

Orange Crush Pro120 (Extra Fee)

Marshall JCM900 (Extra Fee)

Marshall JCM900 Reverb (Extra Fee)

Fender Twin 65-ReIssue 2x12 (Extra Fee)

Fender Deluxe Reverb 1x12 (Extra Fee)

Fender Blues Deville Tweed 4x10 (Extra Fee)

Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12 (Extra Fee)


Guitars (By Request):


ESP/LTD SG Model with custom EMG pickups

Custom Jackson with JB pickup

Custom 80s BC Rich Gunslingerwith PAF pickup


Bass (By Request):

Diamond 5 String